Monday, April 27, 2009

[ Paintball at Sedim Paintball Park, Kulim, MALAYSIA | 24 April 2009 ]

this was actually has been planned a month earlier. initially there was around 15 of my friends agreed to join. but eventually it increased by double to 31 persons! it was a great day back then with laughters and not forget to mention, bruises. i, myself got 2 bruises on my arms. feeling like want to go out for some Rambo action but then, i'm the one got Rambo-ed! haha.. 2nd time Rambo action is useless also as i'm out of bullet in the middle of the scene leaving my enemy with smile. darn! need to organize again next time for payback! haha!!

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markers (for paintball, we don't call this as rifle or gun, we call it marker)

briefing session
marshall (Mohd Mukrim)
soldiers ready for battle
soldier in action
General Starscream (myself) and my friend, Nizam aka NZMercenary before battle
Najib, my younger brother (he "shot" one of his enemy and it was a headshot!) :)
team Band Of Brothers (it's my team!)
soldiers in action

Sunday, April 5, 2009

[Reception | Ismazi & Sabariah | Jitra | 19march2009]

i used to dream of a photoshoot at Tasik Jitra. thanks to Ismazi & Sabariah for their agreement of location for their outdoor photoshoot. it was a great day back then! :)

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